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Watch Trendincite in action...view industry presentations, trend excursions, and more.

SFC Emerging Global Trends from a Marketing Perspective 10/14

Sound bites from proactive Society of Flavor Chemists' presentation, which explores emerging global food & beverage trends in both developed and developing markets. Topics include sustainable consumption and packaging, insects as food and how technology is affecting consumers’ behavior.

HBA June 19, 2012 Off Site Mini Trend Excursion Apotheke

Get a glimpse into an inspirational off site mini-trend excursion to a NYC apothecary-inspired hidden bar that creates a transporting experience. Designed to engage your senses through a sensory trend excursion. Attendees sampled a flight of three mouthwatering specialty cocktails featuring unique ingredients, flavors, and textures sourced from local "farm to bar" ingredients.

HBA June 19, 2012 Everyday Inspiration Meets Fragrance, Flavor & Packaging Design

Snippets from the "Everyday Inspiration Meets Fragrance, Flavor & Packaging Design" HBA Design Hotspot on June 19, 2012. This interactive presentation focuses on sources of inspiration for consumer packaged goods. The parallel relationship between fragrance and flavor are demonstrated through a variety of smelling and tasting samples based on common and emerging ingredients.

NAFFS "What's cooking? A bird's eye view of culinary trends" 10-23-11

Highlights from the "NAFFS Exploring the Flavors of Fusion" conference on October 23, 2011. This presentation explores a variety of culinary trends with a focus on the fusion of flavors. Areas examined include food trucks, molecular gastronomy, sensory dining, foraging, and consumer packaged goods.

HBA Global Expo June 30, 2011 - Pattern Recognition 101: The Importance of Identifying Trends

Snippets from the "M-20: Keep Your Eyes Open: Spotting Trends for 2012" HBA panel presentation on June 30, 2011. This presentation focuses on honeysuckle as a trend and its translation into fashion, accessories, home décor, beauty, and fragranced products. Color, packaging, ingredients, and applications are also examined.

WFFC Woman of the Year 2011

Produced by Kirsten Keynes of Johnson & Johnson, this video features a collection of accolades from industry friends and colleagues that was presented to Amy Marks-McGee during the Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce "Woman of the Year 2011" award dinner on June 22, 2011.

WFFC Trend Excursion June 22, 2010

Nuforms Media directed and produced this Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce promotional video. The video features clips from the 3rd annual WFFC Trend Excursion on June 22, 2010 with visits to a neighborhood green bakery, a natural market, a dark chocolate shop, and lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant.

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