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Trend Incite Trendies

Trend Excursions

Discover purveyors of unique flavor and fragrance experiences, ingredients, textures, and novel products.

Perfumer & Flavorist 9/14

WFFC Sensory Trend Excursion Offers a Taste of SoHo

"The Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) got a taste of flavor and fragrance trends in New York's stylish SoHo neighborhood during the WFFC's annual sensory fragrance and flavor trend excursion on June 3"

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Café Featured on Trendincite Excursion 6/10/14

"The SoHo Café was honored to be featured on a local tour given by consulting company TrendIncite, on one of their 'Trend Excursions.' TrendIncite is an expert on cutting-edge flavors and fragrances, advising their clients on current and future trends."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 9/13

Trend Trek
Highlights from the WFFC Excursion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"Keeping umbrellas on hand, attendees at the sold-out Sixth Annual On-Trend Excursion gathered at Fabiane's Café & Pastry at 142 N. Fifth St. to sip on iced coffees and iced teas before beginning the trek through Williamsburg's north side, which was led and narrated by Trendincite's Amy Marks-McGee."

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HBA June 19, 2012 Off Site Mini Trend Excursion Apotheke

Get a glimpse into an inspirational off site mini-trend excursion to a NYC apothecary-inspired hidden bar that creates a transporting experience. Designed to engage your senses through a sensory trend excursion. Attendees sampled a flight of three mouthwatering specialty cocktails featuring unique ingredients, flavors, and textures sourced from local "farm to bar" ingredients.

Perfumer & Flavorist 8/12

Photo Essay: 2012 WFFC Trend Walk
A trip to New York's Chinatown unveils unique ingredients and products

"Seeking new ingredient and product insights from the East, the Women in
Flavor and Fragrance Commerce hosted a trend walk in Manhattan's Chinatown."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 11/11

Sensory Inspiration
Highlights from the Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) New York trend excursion

"Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite) and Jeanine Pedersen (Takasago) recently led the WFFC's (www.wffc.org) walking tour through New York's Soho neighborhood to introduce a range of flavor and fragrance professionals to unique and inspiring ingredients and textures."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 9/10

WFFC Trend Excursion

"Amy Marks-McGee (TrendIncite) and Jeanine Pedersen (Takasago),pictured at New York-based fragrance boutique Aedes De Venustas, led the Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) Trend Excursion."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 7/09

WFFC Trend Excursion Pursues Novel F&F Combinations
From cherry yuzu soda to Himalayan pink salt, event focuses on emerging and obscure sensory experiences.

"Novel flavor and fragrance combinations and applications were the order of the day when Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce recently held "On Trend Excursion" in New York's Chelsea and Meat Packing Districts, led by Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite LLC) and Jeanine Pedersen (Takasago)."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 8/08

Trend Trek: New York

"Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite) recently led members of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce on a tour through New York’s West Village neighborhood, providing insights into the latest culinary, fragrance and design trends."

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Perfumer & Flavorist 6/08

The Hunt for Olfactive and Organoleptic Inspiration

“Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite) led members of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce on a multisensory tour through New York’s West Village neighborhood, highlighting novel fragrances, flavors and textures.”

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EdgeNotes 4/08

ABC Carpet & Home…A Trend Expedition New York City

“Occasionally, developing new concepts with an element of intrigue can lead to an unexpected creative block.  Stepping outside of a normal day to day work environment and routine helps spur creativity and brings a new perspective to the development process and finished product. An expert team of beauty industry associates from the marketing, research, technology and product development arenas that are also members of a Networking/Trend group founded by “Amy Marks-McGee” Trendincite LLC gathered at the store.”

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